Powered by cutting-edge digital ID technology, it provides a comprehensive and unified approach to security and access management, simplifying your operations and strengthening your defenses.​

We are redefining digital identity for next-generation Access security

Our Vision

The One Digital Identity Platform with native leading-edge technology enabling rapid development of secure modern facilities, assets and operations solutions.

Our Mission

Create One reusable Identity for each person that drives reinventing facilities operations & access control across various industry domains rapid development of...

Identity Space Services

We enable the rapid development of leading-edge security solutions through an integrated portfolio of products and services, including:

Identity Space Platform

Identity Space Mobile App

Secure Operations Innovation Lab

Elevate your access and security management to the next level with our innovative unified platform.

Identity space platform overview

A state of the art integrated security platform built around One user identity principle across various organizations and domains with native accelerators to rapidly develop minimal viable solutions for facilities and assets security management, and allowing for more complex enhancements when required.

Total solutions for all your needs

Why Identity Space

Securing facilities and assets in today’s digital world is a major challenge for many organizations that struggle to strike a balance between security compliance a human experience.

Multiple identity providers and physical cards.

Complex access systems administration, especially with multiple facilities and/or different compliance requirements involved.

Cumbersome user experience

Heterogeneous access control systems with different integration standards.

Burden of manual security operations management.

Access security incident prevention and management

Grow your business with our identity space solutions.